Friday, March 18, 2016

Happy March!

Lots of things have happened since my last post.  I traveled to the west coast a couple times this fall and I loved it!  It was my first time to the west coast and exploring the scenes was exciting.

My team and I completed our consulting project for our MBA.  We were paired up Valley Outreach in Stillwater and we worked with them on creating more brand awareness.  Now that the consulting project is done, I am finishing up my last semester for my MBA.  I have less than 2 months left and I recently received a notification that I was accepted into the MAL program (Master's of Art in Leadership).  I am always looking for new opportunities to share and contribute my learnings, so if you come across a job opening or you need some advice, please feel free to message me or leave a comment.  

Along with this exciting news is the opportunity to participate in my first international juried art competition.  My work in combining landscapes and colorfield with influences of Kandisky's work has been positively accepted in the art community and is currently on display with many other established artists from around the world. I am having lots of fun creating these new pieces. 

Currently, I am working on two different series of work.  The North Shore Series is one that I consistently work on and it is evolving in exciting ways.  The work continues to have hints of landscapes and colorfield while including new geometric representations and marks.  The second is a series based on my journey of introspection and acceptance. 

Stay tuned for more updates.  

Sunday, July 5, 2015

"With A View: Landscape Artists"

These four pieces were shown at The Edge Center for the Arts Gallery along with a handful of other artists' work.  

 All of these are part of the North Shore Series and they focus on color, space, and how they interact with each other.

 These pieces were made with a combination of spray paint, oil, and printmaking techniques.  Each painting is 18" x 18" on wood panel.

I tried to capture the horizon line and interpret them in different ways by including blocks representative of land, ships, and piers.  I enjoy omitting defining characteristics from this work so the viewer can explore their imagination to create their own story of interpretation of the piece.

It was a lot of fun meeting with the other artists to talk about their process and learn about why they do what they do.  I received great advice from an artist who has lived in every state in the United States, and I also learned how to appreciate art a little more.  I will admit, I do not understand photography and it is my least favorite medium.  However, one photographer I met there was telling me the stories behind her work and after listening to them, I valued her work even more and grew to understand photography at a deeper level.  I still have a lot to learn about it, though.  

I have been spending a lot of time thinking about what my work means to me and why I create.  I've also been thinking about if my work should have meaning.  Is it a requirement?  In this reflective process, I have decided to focus more on creating an environment in hopes viewers will find meaning within the pieces through introspection.  So, with my new work, the goal is to facilitate a space to get lost and discover something new about one's self.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

"With A View: Landscape Artists" Reception

The reception for "With A View: Landscape Artists" was a lot of fun.  The artists mingled with each other and visitors while enjoying some good food and beverages.  Hearing the process of other artists helped me to appreciate their work even more.  It makes you think about what is going on in the mind of an artist when they create.

Here are some pictures from the reception. 

Friday, June 5, 2015

Showing In Bigfork, MN

Right now, I'm at my favorite coffee place, the Cocoa Moon, in Brainerd, MN.  It is the coolest coffee bar and it is set up exactly like a bar.  This is a good way to start your day!  

Yesterday, "With A View: Landscape Artists" opened in Bigfork, MN.  I am one of a small group of artists invited to participate in the show.  The gallery contacted each of the artists involved in this show and invited us to show our perceptions of landscape art.  They chose artists with a wide variety of styles and views to get the broadest view on landscapes they could. 

This is really exciting for me as this is my first invitation to particiate in a show.  It is very rare in the art world to be invited to show your work in a gallery.  Usually you have to present proposals, pay fees, and go through a jury to get approval to show your work.  The Edge Center for the Arts contacted a small group of artists and told us the theme was landscapes and we had free range of what we wanted to create. 

These pictures were taken on Monday when all the artists were delivering their work to the gallery.  Here's the before picture of half of the gallery.  The gallery is  1400 square feet.  It's a big gallery for the area.

Tonight, there is a reception for the community to meet the artists and see our work.  I'm really excited to see what others think and if my work challenges their view of things in some way.  Maybe new ideas will spark from all these artists coming together.  None of us have seen each other's work yet, so it will be a fun surprise for all of us.

I will take pictures of the show, tonight, and share my work with you.  

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The summer went by quickly!  I started graduate school this summer with a leadership class and an organizational behavior class.  Both we a lot of fun and very interesting; both were a lot of work.

This summer, I was also in Bigfork, MN to be part of the Edge Center for the Arts' annual juried show.  It's a tiny town in northern Minnesota and my name was in the newspaper up there.  The judge gave me an honorable mention and my artwork was sold within two days of the opening!

I recommend the checking out Bigfork.  It's small and very welcoming; the art gallery is huge!  The drive is very peaceful and scenic.

Here is the artwork that sold!  It is a color field painting of the North Shore.  I'm hoping to make more.  There was a lot of buzz going around in the gallery about this piece and my interpretation of the North Shore.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I was approached to create a painting that went with the theme "You are the branches and I am the vine."

This painting is about bringing people together from different cultures and backgrounds. United, we become stronger. 

This piece is going to a church in Muhunga, Tanzania as a gift from St. John's Lutheran Church.  Today, it left for Tanzania where it will be presented later this week.

 Mixed Media. 11" x 14"